Is it really a Library?

Hello again everyone, I am back, I hope all of you had an exciting and memorable holiday. Now we are back at it again, ready to start new experiences, new “2k17” lives at the USG. Indeed, some of us are at the verge of a new semester or maybe already had a week in the semester.

I hope for those who already started that the beginning was great and everyone figured out their classes and scheduled without any trouble. I, for myself,  have not started yet but will tell you this, I am already excited to start and feed my thoughts with beautiful information and educational experiences that will brighten my future.

Talking about information, if you are a seeker of information and have a hermit soul looking for a path to follow then, I will urge you to start with a place called “Priddy library“. I know, I know, I can already hear your inner reader critique going: we all know you work at the library, change the script or something. But, my question to your critique is, is it really a library? What kind of library is it that keeps having museum like exhibitions on its wall? What kind of library promotes all type of events not discriminating where it is from? Again what type of library promotes students’ work or that allows the community to use its facility free of charge? I would love to hear your response.

So far I have not seen anything equal in my whole student life and I can tell you I am not quite young and I have traveled considerably to different countries and seen different libraries. I can tell you so far that the Priddy library is uniquely impressive. But of course, it is easy for me to say that. However, that might be because I am a living experience of its wonderfulness. Remember “The World in the Library Event” couple post below? Well, yes I was only able to achieve that with their help.


The Era of the Holocaust by Priddy Library


Multicultural Themes by the Priddy Library


University of Baltimore simulation and digital Entertainment Storyboards


University of Baltimore simulation and digital Entertainment Storyboards

One word is not enough to describe what I see at the Priddy Library. At first I thought it was just a library and a fairly small one should I say but, then I saw the displays and I thought to myself, a museum or art gallery? But afterwards, they removed the display to promote student works, so I started to investigate where I was actually working.

It made me feel like I was in a multi-personality factory. Well, my research concluded in an even vaguer definition of where I work, “facility for education”.

Calling it a library will be more of a understatement than the reality that I witness everyday here. You do not have to take my word for it, come, I am extending an invitation to your critical mind, please come. Accept this challenge and see for yourself, you can actually meet with the staff members who will give you tours and their own definition of this “facility of education”. I am pretty sure there is more to it than I am seeing so, I am still researching.

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