Spring into action at USG

Welcome back new and returning students!

Winter break may have been fun, but the spring semester is underway. It’s tough adjusting back to school after a nice break, but it is possible. The Universities at Shady Grove know how to ease students back into the daily grind.

As part of easing the transition from winter break to classes, USG will be holding a Welcome Week event. As the name implies, the event lasts throughout the first week of the semester. From Monday, 1/30 to Thursday 2/2 there will be free food and information available to students.


USG Building 3

Helping students get on the right track to do their best this semester is one of USG’s priorities. The student services are all conveniently located in the same place. Stop by the Student and Academic Services (SAS) suite in building 3 for access to student services.


Visit the Center for Academic Success for help with writing papers, organizing your schedule for homework and academic coaching.


Have a question about financial aid? Just visit the Office of Student Services for any inquiries you may have.



Are you looking for an internship? The Career and Internship Services Center is the place to go!

Remember – when it comes to students’ needs, you are not alone. USG offers numerous services to help out students as much as possible. All you have to do is ask for help.

Throughout the semester, there will be even more events occurring on campus. Want to get a weekly update on these events? Sign up for the USG newsletter.

Here at USG, students are the #1 priorities. Take advantage of all the services located on campus.

Have a wonderful and successful semester!





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