New Year, New Us

Happy New Year, everyone!

I’m honored to be the first blogger to start off this Spring semester. I hope all of you had a great winter break.

Since it is relatively still a new year, I want to talk about the whole “New Year, New Me” phrase that people have been using. This phrase usually represents people’s new year resolutions of how they want to be healthier, fitter, more diligent, more sociable, and so on. They start off the new year with such great momentum, but they tend to lose it a few weeks or months later.

I don’t like the idea of changing ourselves completely every new year. Yes, a new year may bring new beginnings, but it does not mean you can start your life over and reinvent who you are. Maybe the phrase “New Year, Better Me” might be more suitable. Sadly, that’s not as catchy as “New Year, New Me” so I’m going to keep on using this catchy one, with my own personal meaning.

I want the “New Me” part to represent our new experiences that we create for ourselves. For me, my “New Me” will be someone who chases her dream despite how scared she is. I have been invited to serve in the Peace Corps for 27 months, which I am planning on serving once/if my medical and legal clearance has been completed. Also, as common as it sounds, I have never gone snow tubing before so I experienced my first snow tubing this winter break. Even though the slope isn’t that bad, it was hard for me to attempt it because I’m afraid of heights. I’m definitely glad I tried it though!


Snow Tubing at Round Top with family and friends

Along with this new semester, I want to ask my USG peers to try a new experience. USG is constantly evolving and providing us students with endless opportunities to learn, grow, meet people, and do what we love. Take this opportunity and step out of your comfort zone.  Join a student organization. Attend events occurring on campus. Do community service. Apply to study abroad. Pick up a new hobby. Experience something you haven’t done before!

Let’s become a New Us in this New Year!

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Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Wonder (2017-2019)
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