Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take this time to say Happy New Year to all of the students at USG. There are many of you who have just completed the USG chapter in your lives and to you, I say congratulations!!! I saw a number of inspiring graduation posts with friends and family. With the new year upon us, the page will be turned and a new story will be written. 

Personally, I will be heading into my VERY LAST semester with Salisbury University. I will be starting my internship on January 3rd…starting the new year off with a bang. 
So whether you’re another semester through, or just graduated, take this time to reflect on all that you have accomplished this year!…

Ok NOW take the time to think about 2017. Any goals? Long term? Short term? School related? Family related? Fitness related? You have the power to make it YOUR year. 

Enjoy the break, and get ready to take on 2017. 


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