“What you thought, that it was over?

I was done with my last exam of the semester and just wanted to relax and change my mind. So I decided to take a walk on campus and decided to stop by the library. It was around 9:45 p.m.; to my surprise, the library was still full of students doing their work. I realized that what for me was the end, was for others maybe the beginning.

In fact, I saw some of my friends studying at the library and asked them if they were still studying for their final exams. They responded with a sarcastic tone, “of course, what you thought, that it was over?”

It was at that moment that I realized that it was over for me, but that they were still in exam mode. For them it was not even a question of about studying anymore, it was about how late they can stay up.

To stay up there is one issue that comes along, comfortability. During, exams one thing is to study and another thing is to be comfortable while doing. Both of them intertwine themselves.

Comfortability comes in different ways and differs from person to person. It can be mental or physical. Mental meaning not to worry about anything else, but exams. Physical is divided into two categories. One category is particularly related to USG especially to the Priddy Library.  Everyone knows that the Priddy Library at USG is the best location to study, comfortability wise. The Library offers different programs and settings to help students specially during exam, “crunch time”. One of those settings are the bean bags and the extended hours that goes up until 3 a.m. in the morning. Students seem to show a liking to the bean bags in particular. According, to them the bean bags allow them to stay up later than the regular chairs.

So without further notice if you are still working on your exams “drop down” to the library and try it for yourself.

And give me a feedback if the bean bags should stay or go. Trust me on this, you will make your time worth it.


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