Just Keep Learning

Dear Students,

I know you are gearing up for finals and then winter break. However, just because winter break is closing in doesn’t mean you should completely check out of the learning process. There are many ways you can keep learning over the break. No, I’m not talking about spending all the money you get for Christmas on a winter break course. No, I’m not talking about reading your Accounting textbook just for fun over break.

I’m talking about being informed on important issues that are happening both in our country and around the world. Now, I realize not everyone is excited about reading newspapers or binge-watching CNN, but there is good news (no pun intended!).

Several major startups are looking to disrupt the traditional system and have come up with clever ways for people, especially millennials, to get summaries of major news stories delivered right to their inbox. Two that I personally subscribe to are Finimize and theSkimm. Finimize breaks down the intricacies of important financial current events, while theSkimm provides a summary of general news.

Today just by checking my email (something that we all tend to do anyway), I learned that:

  • The U.S. Government was on the verge of another shutdown – theSkimm
  • A tweet from Donald Trump momentarily made the value of Boeing’s stocks to drop which has many investors worried – Finimize

Getting familiar with these sources can help you during interviews, in your classes, and just general  conversations that might arise relating to current events. These new platforms also do a great job of catering to students by breaking down the complex issues so that students can understand it. Finimize even has a section where they answer questions sent to them by their readers.

If one of your resolutions for next year is to learn more or to increase your awareness of current events, these sources are a great FREE way to start doing so. Good luck during finals, and take some time to relax this winter break- but remember to just keep learning!


Sign up for Finimize using my link here: http://insider.finimize.com?kid=CGS4X 🙂


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