It’s the Final Countdown…

Are you one of the many students with final exams creeping around the corner?? Starting to get yourself organized and your study plans in place? While this time of year is a little overwhelming, fear not! USG has a number of resources, events, and activities to help students prep and destress during exam time. Below is a list of upcoming library hours, recreation center events, and other ideas to help you get ready for “the final countdown!”

  • Priddy Library Night Owl Hours: 12/9,10,16,17 extended hours open until 12am Sunday-Thursday 10pm-3am USG ID REQUIRED           Night Owl Hours
  • Feeling stressed? Visit the Center for Counseling and Consultation! Stop by or make an appointment to see one of the nine professional counselors at USG. Click here!
  • Check out some cute pups as a study break!! Pause for Paws is coming back! December 8th, 11am-1pm in building III in front of the rec center (2nd floor).
  • Don’t forget to reserve a breakout room! If you’re planning on doing some group study sessions, plan ahead and reserve your room. USG ID REQUIRED to reserve. This can be done at the front desk of Priddy Library.
  • Struggling with certain study material? Visit The Center for Academic Success. Schedule a tutoring session to ensure you end the semester strong! Check it out!

Happy Studying!

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