USG Scholarships

Anyone who is looking for higher education often needs financial assistance. They look for grants and scholarships to help them pay for college. Both new and recurring students attending classes at USG have the opportunity to apply for a USG scholarship. But hurry! The application deadline is December 31st.


The good thing about attending classes at USG as opposed to your main campus is the opportunity to apply for 2 types of scholarships – institution-based scholarships and USG scholarships. The more scholarships you can apply for, the greater your chances of receiving one.

The best part – it’s ONE application! Once you’ve completed the application, your application is processed by the Office of Student Services and sent out to different scholarship programs. There are lots of scholarships out there, and USG made it easy for students to earn them.

As I mentioned above, there are a LOT of scholarships applicable towards USG students. I was very fortunate to receive a scholarship this year. Sure, it takes a bit of time to get the application completed, but it’s totally worth it!

When you are applying, having these things ready would make the application easier to complete:

  • Resume
  • Latest unofficial transcript
  • Personal statement

The resume should be already completed, since almost everyone has created a resume. If you haven’t completed a resume, or want to improve, click here¬†for resume templates. Otherwise, you can get help through USG’s Career and Internship Service Center.

Your unofficial transcript can be found through your institution or their online portal.

Finally, the personal statement is like an essay, where you get to talk about you, and why you think you should receive a scholarship. The more you write about yourself, the better. Check out some tips for your personal statement.

After you’ve checked all three things, you are ready to complete your application!


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