Conquering the Thanksgiving Speech Duty

Thanksgiving dinner is set at the table. Suddenly, your mom’s eldest sister looks straight at you with that familiar glare. As a regular Thanksgiving host, you know this look can only mean one thing: say grace, give a speech of thanks, make a toast…whatever it is it involves speaking in front of your whole family and even though you know them all, you feel nervous. You think to yourself, should I start singing that gospel hymn I heard on YouTube? I think it went: I got beans, greens, potatos tomatoes…YOU NAME IT!

Honestly if you did sing that song I would please ask you to record and put in the comments below. Anyway, the fam is expecting something good from you so you try to sound smart, yet humble in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

For many of you this feeling might be familiar, perhaps not in your household, but in your classroom. You see your classmates every day, you probably know your presentation topic better than anyone else does so why is your voice still shaking and why are you still saying “um” and “like” every other sentence?

USG can help (and give you free pizza and drinks too) with Toastmasters International – an educational organization on campus that can help you dominate public speaking.

Three sessions to improve communication, public speaking and leadership skills remain: Nov 23, Dec 7, and Dec 23 – BLDG. III – 3225, 12pm-1pm.

So when it’s time to give your Thanksgiving speech, or any speech for that matter, you will be ready to sound confident and sure. Enjoy your break!

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