Emo – IT

Emo – IT is just my own “exciting” way of saying emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence wasn’t a subject I was informed about in school until I reached the graduate level, but it is really important for all human beings to be aware of.

What is emotional intelligence? In short emotional intelligence has to do with being able to control your emotions, and understand other people’s emotions in an empathetic way.

Why is it important? Emotional intelligence is responsible for the success of many leaders, who find themselves managing groups of people. Although a talented individual skilled in his/her field can advance to be in a management position, one needs to develop the soft skills in order to effectively harness talent and understand the diversity and varying personas that comprise a team.

So how does this apply to you? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, in school professors expect students to be able to work together successfully. However, outside of school using emotional intelligence in your everyday interactions with your family, friends, significant others, and strangers will likely help you see a different perspective, and maybe teach you something new you were not aware of.

A step toward understanding others and yourself better, is being able to interpret yourself psychologically. USG can help you with this…FOR FREE! USG offers Individual and Couples Counseling. Counseling is for EVERYONE. There is not one certain type of individual that goes, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and check it out.


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