The World in the Library

For people that do not know me already or have not had the time to read my bio, I am Samuel Dussey and I run two clubs, the African Club and the International Club. I try to manage them between school (student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County) , work (librarian assistant) and internship (EarthShare intern). My campus The Universities at shady Grove gave me the opportunity to represent both the international and african community on campus. This month we have created an event called the World in the Library where we showcase different artifact from the different countries. For this event, because there is so many categories of artifact we can showcase, we have focused our showcase on fashion from different country.

We choose fashion because clothes give so much information about a country; it communicates symbolic colors and designs of each country, their history, ideology, and personality. Plus, fashion is an efficient and friendly way to approach and learn about different cultures.

International students and students from different backgrounds were asked to bring attire that represents their country, and the result were astonishing.


Our goal was not only about showcasing the attires, but also to inform and promote the diversity of USG to the student body and the community. The attires were displayed with a brief description such as the type fabric they were made of, the history and the cultural values behind it.

So far, the event is going very well, we have received good ratings and volunteers who wants to participate in future events.

This event would not have been possible without the help of the Staff and the consent of the director of the Priddy Library. They were happy to see some colors in the library, making a comfortable place for student to study and to concentrate.

USG is full of diversity and we took it our goal to promote it and create a family atmosphere that is prosperous to all students. If you have not seen it yet, do not hesitate, stop by the library and enjoy!

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3 Responses to The World in the Library

  1. Rebecca says:

    The exhibit is really cool! It’s a really neat idea and a great way to celebrate USG’s diversity. Awesome job to all involved!

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