Election Day


Do you know what day is next Tuesday? If you’ve guessed election day – you were right! Every 4 years, America holds an election to determine the next president. It is important to vote (if eligible) and I well tell you why.

From the moment you are 18 years of age, many possibilities open up for you. One of those possibilities is being able to vote. Now some people feel somewhat indifferent in voting. They claim “one vote doesn’t matter”. Well, if a lot of people felt this way, there’d be a lot of unused votes. Those votes CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the outcome of the elections.


You don’t need me to tell you that the candidate with the most votes wins the elections, but what I WILL tell you is that when you vote, you are helping the entire American population decide on the president. That is a big deal!

Each candidate has its own platform. Whether you vote for one or the other isn’t the point I want to make. What matters is using your vote, to help determine the president. Whatever the outcome, you are stuck with the winner for the next 4 years. Help ensure that the candidate you want wins the elections, by casting your vote.

When you vote, you voice your opinion on who you think should run this country. You also get the satisfaction of helping your country out (along with an “I Voted” sticker)!

As we get older, we realize that voting isn’t just a right – it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to help the future of this country, for the good of its people! So once again, when the day arrives, use your vote! It WILL matter!


One more thing – the Universities at Shady Grove will host a watch party on election day at 7 pm – feel free to attend!


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