A Halloween Message


Dear Readers,

This is an automated message scheduled to post on October 31st at 8am.

Over the weekend (October 29-30), yours truly will attempt to go to a haunted place. This will be the first time in my life. Will I go? Will I cancel last minute? Who knows?!

You see, I get easily scared. I hate ghost stories. I dislike walking in the dark and get paranoid easily. This is why I avoid scary movies and haunted festivities, especially around the time of Halloween. Of course, there are many things I am scared of. It just so happens that this is one of the things I am most scared of.

To break my cycle of being a scaredy cat, I have decided to go to the Field of Screams, located not too far from the Universities at Shady Grove. There are 4 distinct haunted attractions you could participate in. I can already tell that I will be screaming my head off and crying once I enter the haunted place. I am almost certain I will pass out too. What is the point of this? It is to prove to myself that such scary things are not harmful to me, and that if I can survive my most illogical phobia, I can survive any hardships that life may throw my way. Will I be able to go through with this? Not sure! If I do go through with it, will I come out unscathed? Doubtful.


By the time you’re reading this, it will already be Halloween. If I survived this little test I created for myself, you will probably see me around USG. If not, well… it was very nice knowing you.

In any case, I do want to remind you to be safe out there! Whether you’re studying late at night or walking around USG campus in the dark, know that it is entirely okay to ask USG’s Security Officers to walk you to and from your car. They do not mind, and it is even recommended. You never know what is lurking out there! There might be a mugger, or even a vengeful spirit. Who knows?! After all, the nights are getting longer and darker. Halloween or not, it is a scary world out there!


Heed my warning. Stay safe.


Best Regards,


P.S. If I am alive and well, I am looking forward to see all the wonderful costumes USG students and staff will be wearing!

About Christine

Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kingdom of Wonder (2017-2019)
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