“Dress for the Job you want, Not for the Job you have”.

When you hear “Universities at Shady Grove” what do you think? Many knowledgeable patrons will say: nine universities in one place, others will say: I graduated from there, or we met there. Few will be perplexed to what actually USG is. But today, I want to highlight one point that is particular to USG and that people do not see. USG is not just a teaching environment type of campus, it is also a stylistic campus.

Indeed, USG teaches not only about career and ways of life but also about how to dress to achieve those goals. The lack of dormitories on and around campus actually incites student to dress up and go to school. And this phenomena is happening for multiple reason such as students are either coming from work or going to work after their classes, having a presentation, a meeting or to attend the multiple career fair that the school host.


Social Work major from the University of Maryland Baltimore COunty

On top of that, to add a cherry on the cake, the presence of senior students on their internships, graduate students and veterans help the juniors to follow the same steps. These group of students make USG a professional and serious frame to study, this way they are prepared to tackle their career life with a tremendous start.

You will never mistake students at USG; you can definitely distinguish a nursing student from a business student or accounting and political science major from a social science student. Students at USG are being put into the atmosphere of their goal career so when they come out with their degree they feel at ease in their field. They feel confident because they have lived and taught in the same environment. They have long-awaited for that moment, they have been dressing up for that since they arrived.

 USG is more of a lifestyle, because it affects all phases of a student life, it is a full package deal offered to students to be successful in every career of their choice.
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