Use the resources you pay for


I had never used career services as an undergraduate student, but having used them recently in graduate school, I know their value is undeniable! At my orientation, I heard about the benefits of using the career services office through the Smith School of Business at Shady Grove from second year students so I immediately contacted our PT MBA Career Consultant at Shady Grove. What could be better than free, expert advice on: how to ask for a raise, the steps to take to make a career change, and even how to approach conversations with your supervisor?

The hype was true. I had an excellent conversation with our MBA Career Consultant that helped me understand myself, and even my supervisor and colleagues in a psychological way I hadn’t imagined before. I’ve gotten advice about how to approach a performance evaluation effectively, and how to address my weaknesses in the workplace.  You pay tuition, so take advantage of the services your school has to offer. Seriously, you might not think it’s worth it…and I’ve been there before (*cough cough* undergrad), but if you have even 15 minutes to spare, check it out. You won’t regret taking a step ahead toward making a better future for yourself.

Here’s a link to the career services site: (you can find their hours on this page – yep, even on Saturdays)

Phone: 301-738-6338, Email:

P.S. USG has career coaching, but your own home institutions likely do too!


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