Events for You!

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well!

I want to talk to you guys about events on campus. Being a student at a university is definitely challenging. You have to balance your different classes, job(s), family and homework/projects. When making a weekly schedule, you may get so wrapped up that you feel like you don’t have down time.

It may be hard, but try to squeeze in a few hours a day for yourself, and get involved with things happening on campus. I can tell you right now that there is some event going on almost every day, usually including food –  and free for students! Who doesn’t like free food?


These events help you make social connections with your peers, instructors, and other professional staff. Coming to events on campus can help build character, and even make you more recognized by your peers.

During my time at Montgomery College, I focused on school and work, and rarely attended campus events. Since I’ve transferred over to the University of Baltimore, at Shady Grove, I’ve decided to get more involved. Whenever I hear of an event I fit it into my daily schedule, so that it doesn’t conflict with anything else going on in my life.

One event that occurred a couple of weeks ago, the USG Fest, was one event I am happy I went to. If you were there, you may have seen me (wearing my mascot and bee antennas). I even entered the contest last minute, and ended up winning second in the Spirit Contest!


So you never know what will happen when you attend events near you. Check out the USG Site for events occurring or check out the bulletin boards located in all three buildings. If you hear of one that interests you, mark it on your calendar. Attending these social events may be really fun, and you may gain more than you expect!

For additional information about other ways to get involved, check out Student Life.


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