USG and Exercise Science

Hey there! My name is Linda Velasquez and I am representing Salisbury University’s Exercise Science Program. Welcome back to school!

Did you know USG offers a program for Exercise Science? This works as a two year cohort program and has all the bells and whistles that you would expect at a four year university. There are amazing professors both on campus and via IVN (aka Skype). USG has top of the line lab equipment and testing material that keeps students interactive and experienced.

The Health and Wellness field is rapidly growing and so is interest in exercise and lifestyle fitness. This program covers all aspects of fitness from the science and breakdown of the body anatomically, to the clinical population and how to work with patients with disease, and even how to open your own fitness or rehab facility. Not only does Salisbury University have a great program and program adviser, but being at USG takes the experience to the next level.

USG offers a ton of student services from tutoring to interview prep to counseling. Being close to many businesses and populated communities, USG makes it easy to transition from school to work life. There are so many opportunities close by and the faculty and staff at USG are always willing to help and encourage you to get to the next level. USG is here for YOU!

Throughout this next year, I will be posting about Health and Wellness events going on at USG, as well as giving more insight to specific aspects of the Exercise Science Program.

Interested in USG? Come to an Open House! The next Undergraduate Open House will be held  Saturday, October 29th from 9am-12pm.  Register HERE .

I’ll be at the Exercise Science table and giving tours of our facility. Come check it out!

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  1. Yay Salisbury. Go gulls! 😀

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