Your New Groove – Coming Back to School After a Gap

Going back to school after a measly year off should be a no brainer, right?

That’s what I thought…I told myself “Girl you got this. You do better under pressure anyway, and it should be easy to get back in the groove of things, seeing as back in the day you’d balance school with other activities like being on a soccer team or hanging out with friends.”

All I have to say to that now is a sarcastic “LOL”. I really think that short taste of freedom threw my groove off. I was happy to be “free” for a year, but it makes sacrificing free time now so much harder. It’s been about a month since school started, but I’ve already felt like, with my groove being thrown off and all, my emotions have been getting the best of me. I get so anxious before any type of quiz, test, or paper, and I seem to be battling myself all the time. Why am I thinking so pessimistically about this when I know I shouldn’t be? I had fun doing “X” this weekend, so why am I consuming my brain with negative thinking about the assignments I could have done in that time?

I am still struggling to get back into the groove, but I know I will get there. Here are some tips that help me when I feel like my emotions are taking over, and I find myself battling my own thoughts:

  • Think of a time when you thought, because of a school assignment, the world was ending…then you realized you were oh so wrong. Focus on solutions, not the problem. Is it going to get better if you worry about it?
  • Live in the moment. Do the best you can with the time you have, and in whatever circumstances you find yourself. If you do your best, don’t beat yourself up about it. Of course, it is good to prepare ahead of time, but if you haven’t managed time well, just breathe and proceed.
  • Keep up with a hobby or anything that brings you happiness and positivity. Ask yourself: what’s the one thing I know that no matter how busy my calendar is I can look forward to doing it, will actually do it, and will not regret the time spent on it?
  • Listen to music. I’d say most people have a song that reminds them of a certain time in their life. If you’re feeling emotionally unstable DO NOT play that sad Adele song. Get a song blasting through those headphones that has a happy, upbeat feel to it and I guarantee you’ll feel better (it might take a couple songs and some singing along though).


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