New Found Talents – Photography

Nikon Cake

Nikon DSLR Camera Cake

Discovering new talents is like discovering the last piece of cake is still left in the fridge. It’s funny how when you’re settled in knowing what your interests are, or your talents, or strengths and weaknesses that’s when you discover something new.

For me, I discovered that last piece of cake hidden in photography. I’ve always loved taking pictures for fun but I’ve never done it professionally nor have I ever thought about it that way. It’s always been a hobby of mine, capturing moments, especially when I’m on travel.

This semester I’m taking an Advanced Digital Imaging class, taught by Bob Coleman whom I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

Bob’s class required a DSLR camera , a professional camera that shoots just the most magnificent high quality photos. I spent a pretty penny on a Nikon DSLR 3300, which we needed because in this class we’re learning how to shoot raw and edit in raw in Adobe PS and the end result is beautiful.

The class calls for a series of photo projects that have different themes, and so far my favorite theme has been street photography. The best part about the class is something called “class jury” where the class rates your photos anonymously and the student who is voted for best project gets an A for that project. This has definitely been a great motivational tool, and helped students engage in a little healthy competition.

The best part is that if your final project wins the class jury you don’t have to take the final!

It’s funny how taking classes is how you discover new talents and interests, a reason why education can take you places you never would of thought of.


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