Conquering Finals

So last time I got waaaay ahead of myself and posted a blog congratulating Fall 2014 seniors , but that’s okay! Those are the symptoms of this time of year; anxiety and confusion. The confusion is probably just me though! Before congratulating anyone on a semester well done we still have to get through finals, for those who haven’t started. There’s a saying that my girlfriend and I always use before exams, interviews, or generally anything that could have an impact on each other; Keep calm, cool, and kill it! Corny, yes I know, but sometimes it is such lines that help us get through stressful times. With some wisdom from my own experiences, the experience of others, and the good ol’ fashioned internet, I’m going to give a crash course on how to keep calm, cool, and kill it for finals week, for those of you who have not started their finals yet:

Before Finals:

  1. Try to cut down on social/family activities or commitments that week, if at all possible.
  2. Try to get all your term papers done before finals, that way during finals week, all your focus is on exams.
  3. Sit down and understand what is going to be on each final and try to understand your professors’ strategy to testing you on the information.
  4. Categorize your study times according to which exams need more preparation, not all exams or subjects are created equal.
  5. Go to study groups only if it makes sense for you. It’s a give and take. Make sure your learning something as well and not the one teaching everyone what you already know.
  6. Go to any and all GSS or review sessions, if your schedule permits

During Exam Time

  1. Keep calm. Anxiety only makes you second guess your knowledge of the material.
  2. Keep cool. Pace yourself. Fully read all the instructions and questions during the exam.
  3. Kill it. This is the part where you leave your heart on the exam table. You give it your all. All that knowledge from August until now is coming together in your mind, and coming out on that piece of paper. You got this!
  4. Review it. Even when you think you’ve finished, it is your right to stay until the allotted time is complete. Use this time to go over the entire exam, and you’ll be surprised at the small mistakes you made. This is one of the most grueling steps during an exam, but can earn you that extra 2-10 points you otherwise might have lost.


Good luck USG and have a great winter break!

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