Let’s Get On That Shady Groooooove

When a genius idea pops into one’s head, she must take that idea and run with it. That is what my good friend and fellow Shady Grove student, Ilana Lupovitch, is trying to do!

Have you ever thought about an a Capella group would look like at Shady Grove? Well one day, Ilana was pondering this idea, and she couldn’t contain her excitement when she thought of the perfect name for the group: The Shady Groove!

How could someone not want to be a part of this group? Here is why I think Ilana’s idea would be an awesome reality:

  1. It would be a very fun representation of Shady Grove. It is so unique to have many different students in so many different universities on one campus, and this would show that regardless of the specific program one is a part of, when a student is at Shady Grove, he/she feels a part of a university community!
  2. This is such a fun and interactive way to make new friends and bring together students from the different programs. We should all be mingling with each other, and this would provide set time to do that!
  3. There is so much talent walking around the quad of that Shady Grove campus, and what a shame it would be to not showcase it for everyone to hear and see!
  4. While my voice is nothing to brag about (in fact, people would rather just not hear me sing at all), this could be a fun and all-inclusive group where students can destress, make friends, and belt out the lyrics to their favorite song.

unnamed Here is me and Ilana (right), enjoying the perks of the fall time (see my first post), while talking about the Shady Groove!

Pitch your thoughts and let’s see if we can turn the Shady Groove into a reality!

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3 Responses to Let’s Get On That Shady Groooooove

  1. rsafferman says:

    What a WONDERFUL idea! Who is this Ilana girl you speak of, she is a genius! I would love to help move these words into action. Great post- keep those creative juices flowing!

  2. Laurie Hunt says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA! I’m also trying to spread the word about a shady grove lock-in. Love bringing all of the universities at shady grove together. Spread the word!

  3. Maggie says:

    You are such a great friend supporting your friend in such a great way! Good luck with this project! I will he sure to spear the word since I am not blessed in the vocal department!

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