They served the USA now USG is serving them.


Our veterans put their lives on the line so that we can have the freedom that we all cherish across the United States. I salute those who have and are still serving in all branches of the United States military services. Since November 11 is Veterans Day, I thought it would be necessary for me to put all my resources together in paying tribute to the brave warriors, both men and women that fight for our freedom. I am forever proud. USG’s doors are wide open for these men and women. At USG, veterans receive high quality educational assistance they deserve.   Here, our veterans receive top notch educational advice to enhance their education. USG provides educational scholarships, financial assistance, and support services to help make a smooth transition to civilian life.

As I write this blog I cannot stop thinking about our brave men and women fighting for us in the mountains of Tora Bora, Helmand province, Kandahar and all over the world. Around the clock, they stay vigilant, dedicated, and determined to secure peace to all who yearn for it. At this point, I know it is near impossible to put myself in their shoes but as usual I wanted to understand how it feels like to be a veteran while wanting to continue education here at USG. As usual, I always want to get reliable information from the source. So, I sat down with Dallin, a senior in student in Public Health Science with the University of Maryland College Park and a veteran here at USG who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq. This man of honor walked me through the humbling journey from being in the active military duty to being a veteran here at USG. Dallin is thankful for our great country and institution as he says, ‘’ here, I get all the educational support I need to succeed in my educational endeavors’’. And of course he had some special advice for me. He encouraged me to stay persistent, courageous, and most of all believe in myself in whatever I do.

After talking to Dallin, I went up to the veterans’ lounge located on the 2ND floor in the Camille Kendal building III here at USG. It is in this lounge where veterans have a chance to socialize and network with other veterans.   They have state of the art computer systems, a flat screen television, and seats to relax while they take breaks between and after classes.  On the wall hangs the military flags of different military branches of the United States. Even though, I did not see any veteran in the lounge at the time, I looked around and started to appreciate the sacrifice these men and women took by serving our country.   And I thought to myself, Now USG is serving them with honor and humility.   In appreciation to the unwavering service by these men and women, I saluted the empty room, knowing in my mind what these men and women have contributed a great deal to our country, and what it stands for. Finally, I encourage everyone to salute our veterans whenever you see them on campus, as they have and continue to do a lot for us.


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  1. Maggie says:

    Thank you for shedding light on this upcoming holiday and its significance. I think not a lot of people take the time to stand back and appreciate the little things we have in America and the people who make that possible. Happy veterans Day!

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